About Us
About Us

NFTGo is a data aggregation platform for the Web3, NFT, and gaming communities. We make it effortless to find crucial information regarding NFTs.


Our platform tracks:



As the first cross-chain NFT data analysis platform, our tools provide you access to all of the information necessary to make your next move in the NFT marketplace.




🤔 Why we started NFTGo


As NFT enthusiasts, we were disappointed with the tools available in the NFT ecosystem and had identified four areas in need of improvement. First, it was difficult to assess the value of NFT projects and assets. Second, there was a lack of information around NFT market dynamics to assist in making educated investment decisions. Third, it was difficult to keep track of, identify and filter through all the promising (and unpromising) projects. Lastly, NFTs have poor liquidity and high transaction costs. We launched NFTGo in September 2021 as a way to address these problems. We provide up-to-date data on the latest floor price, volume, and transaction history on NFTs. We aim to provide users with various data services to improve the NFT ecosystem and enable our users to gain an edge in the market.




🥳 Our vision for NFTGo


NFTGo aims to build a gateway to the NFT ecosystem. We will not base our core business model on data accessibility, because we believe that all data on the chain comes from Web3 users, and therefore, we should keep this data open. We attribute our mission to the following three directions:


  • To allow users to discover, filter, purchase, and use NFTs at a more accessible threshold;
  • To empower users to create and be involved with NFTs by leveraging NFTGo’s infrastructure;
  • To facilitate the migration from Web2 to Web3 faster through NFTs.


We hope that NFTGo will be your go-to destination to learn about NFTs and we look forward to showing you a new digital world made possible through NFTs.


Contact us on Twitter (@NFTGoio) or join our NFTGo Discord Server for feature requests and more information.