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The NFT Market Cycle: Bubble, Hype, and Utility
  • NFT trading volume encompasses trigger points, highs-to-lows, and continuity. As of now, the market is under the effects of a large cycle.
  • NFT hype has transformed from mass media to community clubs. Rotation of categories is observed.
May 25, 202212 min read
NFT Marketplaces: Blue or Red Ocean?

The current space is saturated with different types of marketplaces, some add value to their users, and some are market value imitators.

The blue ocean strategy, by Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne,  represents uncontested market spaces where th

May 19, 20226 min read
How Are Diamond Hands Reacting To The Current Market Sentiment?

The recent macro shocks in the Cryptocurrency market have transformed the sentiment around speculative assets. According to, the NFT market sentiment has been down in response to this crash.

Amid the crash of

May 17, 202210 min read
GameFi Tokenomics and P2E Asset Holding Trends

Key Takeaways

  • With GameFi players have custody of their own assets. Users can start creating profits from buying and selling items.
  • Token’s value depends on the growth of Daily Active Users (DAU) and the burn/minting ratio.
  • The u
May 11, 202211 min read
Analyzing ENS: Becoming an Identity for Digital Resources

Key Takeaways

  • The ENS market cap rose 114% in a week, and its trading volume over the past two weeks is greater than all previous transactions combined. Over 389,000 unique addresses hold one million domains, averaging out to about t
May 09, 20229 min read
NFTGo Announces New Metrics for Blue Chip And Holder Trends

When analyzing NFT projects and identifying the alpha, blue chip metrics and holder info are two essential dimensions people look into. In this article, we will introduce two new features that NFTGo recently updated, including blue chip met

May 06, 20224 min read
How to keep your NFTs safe?

Over the last few years, the NFT ecosystem has gained a lot of public awareness. As a result, we have seen growth in the number of users, transactions, market cap, and volume. You can visit the[ analytics page](

May 05, 202211 min read
Otherside: Connecting the dots

Key Takeaways

  • Recently, Yuga Labs projects such as BAYC, MAYC and ApeCoin have seen substantial gains, thus creating a good start for Otherside's market debut, which will potentially make Koda a new blue chip.
  • Otherside's token ApeC
Apr 30, 20229 min read
NFT Fashion: Fans, Culture, and New Consumption

In recent years, the fashion industry has stepped into the digital era following the trend of the times. As demographics change, the powerhouse of consumption has slowly shifted into Gen Z. Among the fashion brands involved in the NFT space

Apr 26, 20228 min read
Moonbirds Analysis: More than PFPs

Key Takeaways

  • April 16-18 saw Moonbirds' trading volume accounted for 25% of the entire NFT market. This was accompanied by a rapid rise in Moonbirds' prices and good performances in terms of entry orders and whale participation.
  • At
Apr 21, 202210 min read