10 Gwei
Gonesis: Unlock the Realm of next
100 Million NFT collectors!
The Genesis NFT Brand of NFTGo
Will launch in Feb, 2024.
With Gonesis, we collect ALPHA: Altruism, Love, Patience, Honesty, and Ambition. Then we create alpha.
Get Ready Before Minting
Step 1
Link and verify your Identity on NFTGo.
Step 2
Follow X and stay tuned for the latest updates.
Step 3
Join our community and win the whitelists.
Gonesis Ring
The Pass to NFTGo's next-gen ecosystem.
Common Benefits
checkedLifetime free accessNFTGo Premium.
checkedExclusive perks on NFTGo marketplace and layer2.
checkedEarly access to UGC insights community.
checkedOpportunity for whitelist giveaways and token allocation.
checkedMore benefits are coming soon.
Silver Ring
Silver Ring
1800 items
checkedFree mint NFTGo ID
checkedFree mint Gonesis PFP
checkedGonesis PFP whitelist
Gold Ring
Gold Ring
200 items
checkedFree mint PREMIUM NFTGo ID
checkedFree mint SPECIAL Gonesis PFP
checkedPotential exclusive benefits
checkedMore spots for Gonesis PFP whitelist
Gonesis PFP is Coming Soon...
What is Gonesis?
Gonesis Ring: A 2K ERC721 collection, is the pass to the next-gen NFTGo's ecosystem;
Gonesis PFP: A 10K ERC721 collection, builds a good vibe for connections, resources and knowledge sharing.
What benefits can I get with Gonesis Ring?
Please check the info above.
What's the mint price of the Gonesis Ring?
The mint price is TBD.
When is the mint?
Late Feb, 2024. The specific date is TBD.
Who can mint Gonesis Ring?
Whitelist only. If you get one whitelist spot, you can mint Silver Ring or Gold Ring as you like, but only one.
How can I get a whitelist?
Follow @GonesisNFT and join Discord to get the latest news.
What is NFTGo ID?
When you have an NFTGo ID, you have the true identity in the NFT space. NFTGo ID is not just several characters, it combines different identity from blockchain, social network and reality. More details are coming soon.
What is Gonesis PFP?
Gonesis PFP is a temporary brand name of the PFP collection derived from Gonesis. More details will be announced in Q2.