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An Overview of NFT Marketplaces: The Past, Present, and Future

How do NFT aggregation platforms contribute to the development of the industry?

Back in 2016-2018, OG NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, MakersPlace, and SuperRare surprised the market with their debuts. Some of them were only available by invitation, which means only invited artists could create and s

Sep 29, 20227min read
BAYC Diamond Hands You Should Know

Today, Many people have realized the significance of Yuga Labs and the series of blue chip collectibles they have created. Just a little over a year ago, BAYC had its first public sale. How did BAYC's popularity skyrocket so quickly? Who discovered the potential of BAYC early on and has held it thro

Aug 31, 20225min read
NFT Wash Trading Report: Eliminating The “Noise” in the Market

What is NFT wash trading?

Wash trading or "painting the tape" is a form of market manipulation whereby market players attempt to influence the price of a security by buying and selling amongst themselves to create the appearance of substantial trading activity.

The practice of wash trading may b

Aug 13, 20229min read
Make Profits From the Bidding Game

Many people use the bidding function when collecting their NFTs. Are traders making profits when they use bidding, and what collection has the most bidding volume? Let's dive in and find the answers.

Reasons to Use WETH Bid

  1. Pay how much you think the NFT is worth.
  2. Bid for NFTs efficiently
Aug 09, 20225min read
How to Buy NFTs

An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

1. Set Up Your Wallets (MetaMask Tutorial)


First, you need to create your own cryptocurrency wallet such as a MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase wallet, Phantom, etc.

This passage will show you how to create your own cryptocurrency wallet step by

Aug 02, 20225min read
How to Make Profits in the Metaverse Part 1 Decentraland

Most of us think that NFTs are the empowerment of people coming together to create a strong community. As we see in history, we have never had a social organization across the borders, touching many countries as today. Non Fungible Tokens are a combination of identity and social organization with no

Jul 29, 20227min read
How to Keep Your NFTs Safe?

Over the last few years, the NFT ecosystem has gained a lot of public awareness. As a result, we have seen growth in the number of users, transactions, market cap, and volume. You can visit the analytics page on our website to take a look at these number

Jul 19, 202211min read
Real-World Benefits Of NFTs


The world of NFTs does not revolve only around art and collectibles. It spans across various categories, and each NFT undertakes a value based on a multitude of things. 

NFTs can be created for purely artistic or collectable purposes, or they can be assigned a certain application w

Jul 19, 20228min read
How To Make An NFT: A Beginner’s Guide

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have exploded in popularity over the past few years, with prices for these tokens skyrocketing as collectors scramble to obtain rare and unique collectibles for their digital wallets.

NFTs differ from traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin because NFTs are tied directl

Jul 19, 20225min read
The Rise of NFT DAOs

The dynamics of governance, democracy, and community formation are all fascinating topics to discuss. These topics merge in the concept of DAOs. With the rise of DAOs such as the constitution DAO. the potential for these organizations is vast.

The history of Crypto

Blockchains started with cry

Jul 19, 20227min read