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Why NFT Aggregator Matters and How You Can Benefit?

NFTGo.io Research
NFTGo.io Research0x7bA5A3Jan 12, 2022

As Google aggregates content from websites and Facebook aggregates social connections, aggregators capture most of the value in the era of blockchain, eg. DEX aggregates different liquidity mining models.

Similarly, aggregator is an integral part of the NFT ecosystem.

NFT is primarily created on various chains such as Ethereum, Flow, and BSC, and each of them has an isolated ecosystem of protocols. Although these protocols provide diverse NFT services, a variety of NFT marketplaces bring significant challenges when it comes to trading and viewing NFT information. On the one hand, newcomers may not know how to find the best marketplace. On the other hand, different marketplaces have different interfaces, which increasing the learning cost of users.

Imagine you want to search the hottest NFT projects or your favorite crypto artworks on the marketplace, some NFTs on the BSC cannot be found on the Ethereum marketplace. Meanwhile, you may need to switch between different marketplaces to see all the NFTs. Or, if you are an investor, who want to see all the latest data and various indicators of the NFT market. It may take minutes to acquire the data that should have been found in seconds since the NFT information is so scattered.

For those who are new to NFT, they often spend much time searching for content but ending up without any useful information. Thus, a professional NFT aggregator is in great importance.

What is a data aggregator?
Data aggregation, refers to the gathering of data across the website, and all the information is presented in one place with different categories for users. First, a data aggregator is like a search engine that collects only the necessary information and eliminates useless information. Second, an aggregator can create valuable indicators, which are calculated from data and algorithms.

The NFT aggregator collects all the NFT transaction information from different chains into one place, thus providing a better trading experience for users by improving efficiency.

With NFTGO, what NFT fans do, is just to open one website, and they can get an overview of the NFT market, learn about the latest trends, and search for everything about NFT they want to know.

Advantages of NFT Aggregator

  1. One Page for All
    As a most comprehensive data provider in NFT field, NFTGO not only covers a huge amount of NFT information, but also provides multiple dimensions of data. Users only need one platform to understand current NFT data and market situation, and can even purchase items directly through NFTGO.

  2. Personalized Recommendations
    Whether you are an NFT investor, an amateur collector or a newcomer, you can find the data you need on NFTGO. NFTGO offers specialized data presentation, including personalized recommendations and special NFT wallet, in order to create a unique browsing experience for each user.

  3. Improve Search efficiency
    The search engine function enables users to use Metadata and even natural language to search any NFT they want. The powerful search algorithms and sorting greatly improve the efficiency of information collection and enrich the presentation of search results.

  4. Flexible Comparative Analysis
    On top of presenting the most comprehensive data, NFTGO supplies users with convenient data analysis tools. Users can easily compare the differences between various NFTs, such as market volume, number of holders, etc.

    User-friendly Experience

    It’s no secret that many products today focus on functionality while ignoring user experience. A bunch of NFT and Defi products promise high yields, but it is often difficult for ordinary users to learn and master complex trading across multiple platforms and protocols.

    In a word, the NFT aggregator gathers NFT information in one place, allowing users to optimize their NFT experience. Without an aggregator, users would have to visit each NFT marketplace, register, and view the NFTs. NFTGO aggregator provides the best user experience through “The Gateway to the NFT Ecosystem” mode. Whether you are an NFT enthusiast, expecting to explore the world of NFT or an NFT analyst, hoping to use data to analyze this market, NFTGO will open the door of the NFT world for everyone.


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