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NFTGo Announces Updated Analytics Page And Homepage Redesign Research Research0x7bA5A3Apr 11, 2022

Our new homepage provides a snapshot of market activity and volatility including market cap and volume by collection, volatility, whale tracking, fear and greed index, new releases, top sales, and more. We get right into the nitty-gritty numbers making it easy to identify the greatest opportunities and increase your odds and profits. Be the first to know about the top trending projects, leaderboard, and hidden gems. Get in on the hottest new projects before they launch, and let us do the research for you. All this and more on our new homepage and Analytics page.

These new features will enable you to:

  • Catch the best timing to trade NFTs by quickly capturing market sentiment.
  • Seize opportunities in niche tracks by comparing the dynamics, market cap, and liquidity of major NFT categories.
  • Customize indicators to gain first-hand information on major projects.
  • Analyze trading information and volume of all mainstream trading platforms on the market.

So what’s new on the Analytics page?

We have integrated our old market data page into our new analytics page. In other words, the “Market Data” page will no longer exist and you will be able to find everything regarding market data on the Analytics page.

  • We have added some new sections to the analytics page, the two biggest additions being the Barometer and Common Metrics sections.
    • The Barometer section reflects the current market sentiment toward NFTs. Here you can see the number of buyers and sellers within the past 24 hours, as well as the number of addresses that have made profits and losses and what those aforementioned numbers are. Our Market Sentiment is calculated based on volatility, trading volume, social media, and google trends. The lower the score is, the cooler the market is.
    • The Common data section appears directly below the Barometer and includes snapshots of Market Cap, Volume, Sales, Holders, and Whales.

Data Source:

  • We have updated the Market Cap, Volume, Holders, and Traders sections.
    • These charts have been reorganized to be more efficient than the previous graphs, and we’ve combined the column chart with the line chart so that the data can be presented more intuitively.

Data Source:

  • We’ve turned the old “Category Liquidity” graph into the new “Category Market Cap” graph.
    • This section presents NFT collection categories in three dimensions: Market Cap, Volume, and Liquidity. This allows you to have a more comprehensive understanding of each category.

Data Source:

  • We’ve turned the old “Collections Share by Volume” section into the new “Collection Distribution & Top Collections” section
    • In addition to the category, we also ranked the most popular projects, mainly based on the two indicators of Market Cap and Volume, so that you can easily find NFT projects that currently have a high market value and/or volume.

Data Source:

  • Collection Page Optimization
    • You can now customize data indicators based on your personal preferences.

Data Source:

  • We’ve updated the “New” section
    • This page displays NFT collections and related data collected by NFTGo in the past 7 days. We’ve added 3 new data indicators: floor price, minters, and whale minters.

Data Source:

  • We’ve added a tab called “Marketplace
    • This page lists the data of mainstream trading platforms included by NFTGo. There are three main dimensions of rankings, including Trading Size, Traders, and Top Marketplaces.

Data Source:

Data Source:

  • We’ve added a new tab called “Top Sales
    • This page sorts NFTs according to their most recent prices. You can see the ranking of NFTs from high to low as well as related indicators within the selected time period.
    • Tip: the last price means last trading price

Data Source:

Here’s What’s New With Our Homepage

Updates & Optimizations:

  • We’ve added a new banner at the top of our homepage that includes our social media links as well as sneak peeks of key indicators, such as number of collections, number of whales, our new fear & greed index, the volume within 24 hours, and market cap.

We’re now highlighting 3 types of rankings to help you quickly get up to date on what's happening in the market: Top Trending collections, Leaderboard, and Marketplace.

We’re now highlighting our Whale Tracking section more prominently with a section dedicated to a quick glance into whale data.

We’ve added a new section for the rarity that includes a search bar for searching collection traits that you may be interested in.

We’ve also added an upcoming collection section to make it more convenient to find notable incoming drops.

For the last few months, we've been working hard developing research articles on all aspects of NFTs, so we’ve added a section to our homepage to highlight our most recent articles.

Our latest updates provide the most valuable amalgamation of historical data to gauge the pulse of market volatility in easily understandable graphs so you can gain a competitive edge in the market (more Alpha!) and increase ROI at the end of the day.

We make it effortless to find crucial information regarding NFTs. Use NFTGo for the most up-to-date pulse on market activity, the most in-depth analysis of historical data, future projections, and increased probability of profitable trading.

As more and more major companies endorse the metaverse economy, you can get in early and outperform other market participants using NFTGo. Please feel free to join us on discord or contact us through Twitter at @NFTGoio.

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