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NFT Mint Analysis: How Can We Discover Opportunities Ahead of Time?

The NFT mint stage is a mandatory part of most project offerings. There are a series of pre-mint warm-up or community events where people can get to know the collection better and become early partakers in the community. It is worth noting that NFT mint is also a way to generate big revenue at a sma

20 hours ago5min read
Sellers Are Having the Upper Hand as Price Divergence Arises

1.Market Analysis

This week's trading volume fell a further 16% compared to last week, dipping below the lowest value of the year. As the market has once again gone cold, NFT projects are seeing a simultaneous drop in price and volume. Apart from blue-chip projects, which have seen a slig

Nov 22, 20224min read
Reddit NFTs: An Insight into the Journey from Web2-to-Web3

One of the biggest issues that web3 has faced thus far is onboarding people from Web2 to Web3. The recent release of NFTs from Reddit has done an excellent job of this. Let's take a look at the success of Reddit Collectible Avatar NFTs and how they managed to successfully integrate people from Web2

Oct 28, 20226min read
NFT Wallet Analysis of 5 Blue Chip Holders

Flip Times and Flip Ratio are core indicators when reading NFT data. A flip happens when a seller profits from an NFT transaction, that is— the selling price is higher than the buying price. For example, if an NFT was sold 4 times in its transaction history and all of these transactions were profita

Oct 11, 20227min read
An Overview of NFT Marketplaces: The Past, Present, and Future

How do NFT aggregation platforms contribute to the development of the industry?

Back in 2016-2018, OG NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, MakersPlace, and SuperRare surprised the market with their debuts. Some of them were only available by invitation, which means only invited artists could create and s

Sep 29, 20227min read
BAYC Diamond Hands You Should Know

Today, Many people have realized the significance of Yuga Labs and the series of blue chip collectibles they have created. Just a little over a year ago, BAYC had its first public sale. How did BAYC's popularity skyrocket so quickly? Who discovered the potential of BAYC early on and has held it thro

Aug 31, 20225min read
NFT Wash Trading Report: Eliminating The “Noise” in the Market

What is NFT wash trading?

Wash trading or "painting the tape" is a form of market manipulation whereby market players attempt to influence the price of a security by buying and selling amongst themselves to create the appearance of substantial trading activity.

The practice of wash trading may b

Aug 13, 20229min read
Make Profits From the Bidding Game

Many people use the bidding function when collecting their NFTs. Are traders making profits when they use bidding, and what collection has the most bidding volume? Let's dive in and find the answers.

Reasons to Use WETH Bid

  1. Pay how much you think the NFT is worth.
  2. Bid for NFTs efficiently
Aug 09, 20225min read
Spot The Alpha: A Comparison of Recent Free Mint Collections

Recently there has been a trend of free mint NFT collections and some of them have excelled by a huge margin. Some famous free mints include Goblintown, We Are All Going To Die, and Ill Poop It. Now let's look at their historical peak floor price.

Key Takeaways

  1. A high-demand free mint will b
Jul 14, 20226min read