NFTGo Web3 Builder Talk Episode 12 – Moonlight

NFTGo Web3 Builder Talk Episode 12 – Moonlight

The Web3 industry is increasingly gaining recognition, attracting more and more talented individuals. What brought Moonlight into Web3? How does she differentiate Web3 from traditional industries? How does one continuously build in the Web3 sector? Everyone has their understanding and their own stories behind it.

In our twelfth episode, we are delighted to have Moonlight share her story~

1.Welcome, Miss Moonlight! Can you share your experience and how you joined the Web3 industry?

I started sharing content on various media platforms while working in traditional industries. Since high school, I’ve enjoyed sharing about my life and music, gradually gaining a significant following (even a single video had over 2.5 million views). Later, I began hosting various music events, both online and offline, reaching a broader audience and accumulating a lot of hosting experience.

Then, through my audience friends, I learned about Web3. Many of them were early BTC miners and part of Web3 OGs, like BAYC, which got me into music NFTs. As I gradually understood Web3, friends recommended me for various projects and platforms for interviews. I interviewed with several Web3 companies, including Opensea (which went quite smoothly), but ultimately chose a British Defi project, where I was the only Asian in the team. That’s when I started working on the Web3 Chinese community, getting more involved in the Chinese circle of Web3.

I also started to understand Twitter and quickly got the hang of it, as I had operated similar tools before. I’m honored to have been one of the top 50 contributors in the global Web3 segment of Twitter Space from May to July last year. At that time, there were very few Chinese Content Creators in the Web3 section on Twitter, only about three, and I was one of them. It’s truly an honor, and that’s when I started to make a name for myself.

Later, I learned about more projects and officially joined Ultiverse last November, taking charge of BD, community operations, event hosting, etc. In early November this year, I also supported a very successful Space event with Binance, with nearly 100,000 participants. My voice is being heard by more people in the Web3 field, which I find very honorable. Therefore, I hope to commit to the construction and deep cultivation of the Web3 field in the long term.

2.Witnessing Moonlight working tirelessly, even pulling all-nighters for two consecutive nights, we can’t help but wonder, what fuels your immense drive to keep pushing forward?

I believe it stems from my family background. My mother passed away quite early, and we exhausted all our savings and even had to sell our assets for her treatment. Being the eldest sister in the family, despite having younger siblings and elder brothers and sisters, I have always felt a strong sense of responsibility.

Though I may appear as a petite Asian woman, I am incredibly strong-willed on the inside. I’ve even learned to use firearms for self-defense while living in the United States, as the area I used to live in was quite unsafe. I’ve been legally working since I was 12, taking jobs like babysitting and participating in various speeches, events, music, and debate competitions to win prize money. So, my motivation comes from my family; they need me, and I want to provide them with a better life.

This year, I finally had the means to buy brand new toys for my sister, and I couldn’t resist getting her many. This makes me very proud. In short, my drive is fueled by my family and my loved ones.

3.What do you focus on during bull and bear markets? How the work style and priorities differ?

My primary focus is on the overall development plan of the project, rather than just the bull or bear market phases. Currently, I am paying more attention to the development of our community.

Over the past year and more, I have been consistently producing content on Binance’s live streaming platform, accumulating over 6000 hours of live content and hosting more than 1000 AMAs. When the market is doing well, I can host up to 8 shows in a single day, focusing more on marketing and promotional activities; when the market is down, I shift my focus to community building, engaging more with community members and enhancing content creation.

Additionally, our Ultiverse project is recently working on many metaverse-related activities and plans to integrate AI technology to advance our project. I also hope to have more opportunities in the future to engage in deeper interactions with everyone.

4.What is Moonlight’s approach to investment? Would you like to share your investment strategy?

Regarding investment, I always maintain a cautious approach. I usually remain very cautious unless the project is something I am personally involved in or have incubated.

The money I earn is primarily allocated for family needs, such as repaying family loans, settling debts borrowed from relatives and friends, or improving our living conditions. Therefore, if considering future investments, my priority would be to upgrade to a better house for my family. Life conditions come first; only after my family’s well-being is secured do I consider other matters.

Of course, I also support my own projects and hold some assets in our ecosystem, as these are projects I am personally involved in, which gives me more confidence. I believe the best way to invest in a project is to be personally involved, rather than just observing from the sidelines. Observers often fail to fully understand the objectives and directions of a project. When we undertake projects, we usually plan six months in advance and create a roadmap a year ahead, adjusting according to market developments, which makes me feel more secure.

5.What are Moonlight’s long-term plans?

My long-term plan is to continue incubating more and better projects. Many projects entering Web3 initially struggle with operations, marketing, and publicity, and sometimes even mistakenly collaborate with fake accounts.

Therefore, I aim to create a more comprehensive incubator, like Ulitverse, to take on and collaboratively operate more high-quality projects, thereby building superior Web3 projects.

6. Lastly, to answer a question of great interest to the fans: What is Moonlight’s ideal type of partner?

This is an interesting question. Though I am conservative in my actions, my thinking is not limited; hence, I am not particularly concerned about the gender of my partner. I have even been pursued by women in the past, such as a member of a band. I once greatly admired a classmate who was talented and outstanding wherever she went.

If I truly like someone, I would not overly concern myself with their wealth, age, or even gender. As long as the person is exceptional and has their own shining qualities, I will appreciate them. I value more the emotional connection, touch, acceptance, respect, and admiration, far more than material aspects – having experienced the worst in material aspects, I believe in achieving material needs through my own efforts, rather than depending on someone else.

I hope both parties can support each other spiritually and work together in their careers, which is very important.


Thank you, Moonlight, for your insights. I hope everyone finds their own motivation to continue building in the Web3 field.

We look forward to seeing what’s next for them and how their plans unfold in the years ahead. Stay tuned for our next engaging conversation with another prominent Web3 leader.

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