2023 Q1 NFT Market Analysis: An Insider Look
2023 Q1 NFT Market Analysis: An Insider Look
We have partnered with CoinMarketCap to release "2023 NFT Market Analysis: An Insider Look." This comprehensive report provides an in-depth overview of the entire NFT market in 2023, featuring five chapters, 46 pages, and over 50 charts. Whether you are curious about the whales' favorite NFTs, wondering if the NFT market is currently inactive, or seeking information on flipping strategies, this report provides comprehensive coverage on these topics.
Publication Date
May 10, 2023
Reading Time
1 hour
English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
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NFT Marketplaces and Wash Trading
Micro Trends in NFT Projects
Analysis of NFT Liquidity
Major Events of 2023 So Far
Asset Analysis of NFT Whales
Most Profitable Traders and How They Achieved It
A Framework of Valuing NFTs
Development of NFTFi