2023 NFT Annual Report
NFT Annual Report 2023
This year, we will continue to deliver comprehensive data analysis and interpretation to our users. We will dissect upcoming trends. We will use data to help our community discover market patterns. 2023 may be a challenging year for all sectors. Once the winter is over and the bubble has subsided, what can we expect?Let's brace ourselves for the next wave by empowering ourselves with knowledge.
Publication Date
Feb 14, 2023
Reading Time
2 hours
English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese
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What trading strategies are being used by whales?
How will projects like BAYC and Azuki plan for the future?
Are KOLs and researchers bullish or bearish on the 2023 NFT market?
Which NFTs are more favored by investors?
What are the new changes in the NFT industry this year compared to last year?
What is the age, region, and gender distribution of NFT traders?
What's the next meta for minting?
Which public chains and NFT marketplaces have the most potential?
Who made off with your money in the NFT market?
What is the correlation between the NFT and ETH markets?