Pudgy Penguins Report
Pudgy Penguins Report: Key Data and Holder Trends
In the bustling realm of top-tier blue chip NFT projects, Pudgy Penguins notably distinguishes itself, showcasing a rise in floor price since November 17, 2022. This singular trajectory of Pudgy Penguins beckons a deep dive into its multifaceted narrative. In this comprehensive analysis, we'll be exploring key metrics, from its surge in buyers and unique holder distribution, to its trading volumes and impressive Sharpe Ratio, unveiling the intricate trends and pivotal data points that underscore the project's sustained desirability and financial robustness.
Publication Date
Sep 25, 2023
Reading Time
40 mins
English, Chinese
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What are the Findings From the Market Review?
Who are the Top Pudgy Penguins Holders?
What's the Diamond Hand Holders trends?
What Insights Emerge from Analyzing Liquidity?
What Does the Huddle 2023 Landscape Map Show?
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