NFT 2022 Semi-Annual Report
NFT 2022 Semi-Annual Report

Currently, the NFT market boasts a market cap of $22.56B, this accounts for 18% of the entire crypto industry. What awaits us in the future? How do whales flip in the market? What industry opportunities can we identify from the data?

Understanding the trends and the panorama of the NFT market is critical to identifying new opportunities. In our semi-annual report, let's review the NFT market in the first half year of 2022 and uncover the trends behind the data.

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• Macro Trends in NFT• Macro Trends in NFT
• The Correlation on NFT with Crypto Market• The Correlation on NFT with Crypto Market
• 2022 Half-yearly Awards• 2022 Half-yearly Awards
• Interesting Facts• Interesting Facts
• How Are NFT Holders Engaging with NFT Market• How Are NFT Holders Engaging with NFT Market
• 2022 H2 Predictions & Insights• 2022 H2 Predictions & Insights