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AMA Recap —— Annual Report 2022 NFT Research Research0x7bA5A3Feb 15, 2022


In the NFT Annual report, our research team presents our insights on 2021 NFT Landscape, and how milestone events throughout the year heat the Market. The exclusive report consists of 120 pages of in-depth market details for those who are new to the NFT space, it provides an excellent overview of the biggest events that happened in 2021. It has been a big year for the NFT space. The annual report comes in two versions:

  • The Abbreviated version
  • The Full version

The abbreviated version is free to all members who want to take a look and it can be viewed here.

NFTGo Annual report holders' benefits

  • Access to underlying data files, research, and analysis.
  • Access to exclusive Discord channels and servers.
  • Access to NFTGo Alpha white-glove service for any questions or technical issues you have from the NFTGo team.
  • Extra attention will be paid to NFTGo annual report holders for any suggestions or ideas they might have.
  • We will also provide whitelist opportunities for NFTGo exclusive NFT and NFTGo collaboration projects with other NFT projects.
  • Lastly, in the next annual report, we will provide quality updates, more information, new and advanced analytics, and many more interesting features for members of our community who join.

How to acquire the full annual report

  • Firstly, you need to join our discord server at
  • Do normal verification like other discord servers.
  • Go to #collabland-join, join the channel to verify your annual report NFT.
  • Connect to Metamask.
  • Lastly, download the full report documents listed in the channel.

Some of the interesting information you would find in the annual report include:

  • Detailed statistics of some projects.
  • Market data and major trends that have hit the market.
  • What future trends are likely to emerge in 2022 as a result of analysis of the trends in 2021.
  • Detailed statistics on specific projects such as Artblocks, Cryptopunks, The sandbox, etc.
  • Regulatory developments across the world globally including Uk, EU, China, Japan, and Russia.
  • Detailed breakdowns on large whale wallets. Whale wallets do drive a lot of price action in the NFT space. Also, you will gain some insights on whale wallet behavior, what they are doing and what they are up to.

Advantages of purchasing the NFTGo annual report over other NFT reports

NFTGo annual report gives access to underlying data files that other NFT reports don't have. We’ll also provide a whitelist for other collections, exclusive discord roles and channels, and more access to NFTGo tools. NFTGo annual report is limited to 1000 holders, only 1000 annual reports are available for minting.

Question and Answer session

Question: Is there any interesting information or Alpha in your annual report and what are the other importance of NFTGo bots?

Answer: NFTGo has bots that mainly keep track of whales, within 5-10 minutes, you can see what project whales are buying and you can also get a timely notification sent to your phone. In addition, one other interesting piece of information or alpha you will find in the NFT annual report is the whales' section, where we analyzed the top 30 whales, what they are holding, their addresses, and the differences and similarities between the whales' collections.

Question: Will the holders of this NFT annual report be able to get access to real-life benefits like events?

Answer: Yes, we do sponsor some real-life events like the recently held  NFT Paris. We plan to be involved in some upcoming conferences including the Non-fungible token conference in Lisbon and also strike a partnership with other NFT projects. So maybe we can give access to some of our NFT annual report holders to go to our partner's event.

Question: Will there be a spot in the annual report where we will be notified about the latest news in the NFT world?

Answer: Yes, our newsletter is going to contain the latest NFT news. You can subscribe to our newsletter on our Twitter page.

Question: Does NFTGo have a blog page for a novice?

Answer: Our blog posts are fairly advanced, but we are planning to slowly incorporate blog posts for beginners.

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